Ready for 2024!

The moment for wishing everyone a happy new year may be over, but there's still some time for all of us at Independence Blue Cross (Independence) to welcome all of our new members.

A Virtual World

Technology has changed the health care landscape in so many ways, especially in access to care and removing barriers to getting care.

Chill Out

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Fresh food is best. Right? According to registered dietitians, maybe not.

5 ways to train your brain

You’re probably already doing a lot to help keep your brain healthy. You try to eat well. You’re active. Maybe you even do a daily word puzzle. Those are all smart moves.

Healthy heart, happy belly

You’ve heard it. You know it: If your cholesterol numbers are within the normal range, keep them that way. And cutting back on processed food is a good way to start.